Cllr. Neil Clarke MBE- Chairman

Cllr. Neil Clarke is Chairman of the Rushcliffe Conservatives Association for 2019. Neil is also a Rushcliffe Borough Councillor for Radcliffe on Trent Ward and the former leader of Rushcliffe Borough Council. Neil is the County Councillor for Bingham West.

Sibby Buckle- Deputy Chair (Membership)

Sibby Buckle, our Deputy Chairman Membership, elected March 2018, has served as a Ruddington Parish Councillor and School Governor. She has fought in both Westminster and European elections and is currently Vice Chair of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

David Astill - President

David Astill is the Rushcliffe Association President for 2019, elected to a fourth term in office. David successfully led the campaign to return a fantastic result for the Conservatives at Ruscliffe Borough Council elections in 2015 and provided invaluable support to Kenneth Clarke MP in his re-election as MP for Rushcliffe.

Cllr.Roger Upton- Deputy Chairman (Political)

Roger Upton is the Deputy Chairman (Political) for 2017/18. Roger is also one of the Rushcliuffe Borough Councillors for Radcliffe-on-Trent, and a former Chairman of Radcliffe-on-Trent Parish Council