Cllr. Neil Clarke MBE- Chairman

Cllr. Neil Clarke is Chairman of the Rushcliffe Conservatives Association for 2019. Neil is also a Rushcliffe Borough Councillor for Radcliffe on Trent Ward and the former leader of Rushcliffe Borough Council. Neil is the County Councillor for Bingham West.

Kenneth Clarke MP

Kenneth Clarke CH QC is the Member of Parliament in Rushcliffe, and was first elected to the role in 1970. Ken is also the Father of the house, the title bestowed upon the MP who has served for the longest time in the House of Commons.

David Astill - President

David Astill is the Rushcliffe Association President for 2019, elected to a fourth term in office. David successfully led the campaign to return a fantastic result for the Conservatives at Ruscliffe Borough Council elections in 2015 and provided invaluable support to Kenneth Clarke MP in his re-election as MP for Rushcliffe.

Cllr.Roger Upton- Deputy Chairman (Political)

Roger Upton is the Deputy Chairman (Political) for 2017/18. Roger is also one of the Rushcliuffe Borough Councillors for Radcliffe-on-Trent, and a former Chairman of Radcliffe-on-Trent Parish Council

Sibby Buckle- Deputy Chair (Membership)

Sibby Buckle, our Deputy Chairman Membership, elected March 2018, has served as a Ruddington Parish Councillor and School Governor. She has fought in both Westminster and European elections and is currently Vice Chair of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.